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Ashton & Company




“I have found Heather Ashton and her associates to be very professional, prompt, and most helpful to myself and to my business.  I would recommend her to anyone in search of an accountant.”


Charlie Pearson, President

Fred E. Varney Company


“Both I personally, and our family business, have been clients of Ashton & Company for many years.  In fact, they are the only accounting firm we have ever used, which shows that this has been a long and successful relationship.  There are a lot of good number-crunchers out there, but Ashton & Company have consistently done more, providing advice, referrals, and recommendations when needed.  The office is professionally staffed and run and we’ve had the continuity of working with the same capable staff for many years.  They have always been there for us when we needed them.”


Tom Young

Melvin Village Marina, Inc.


“When my husband passed away I needed to find someone who could not only do my taxes but who would help me understand the many tax implications of buying and selling the various investments that were left to me.  Heather Ashton of Ashton & Company, continues to be as helpful today as she was back then.  She is extremely competent, always available to answer my questions and the quality of her work is outstanding.”


B. L. 


“We have worked with and referred clients to Heather Ashton for many years.  She is responsive, courteous and knowledgeable.  We refer clients to her because we know our clients will be happy with the service she provides, and that makes US look good!”


Polly Henkel

Weyland Capital Management



“We have been working with Heather Ashton for the past 10 years and could not imagine life without the support that she and her firm give to us.  As we have gotten older, our lives have become, in many respects, more complicated.  Now that we are retired, we have the flexibility and pleasure of moving between three homes.  As lovely as this scenario is, we were finding that bills were getting lost and sometimes not paid on time.  We found that we needed one place to have all bills and important documents to go to so that they can be reviewed and paid promptly. We met with Heather and developed a strategy that has worked brilliantly for us and our family.  As well as organizing our taxes and working with various money managers, Heather and her staff documents and organizes every bill and keeps incredibly accurate records of our total financial affairs.   Heather has also proven invaluable on projects that would have been very time consuming and complicated for us.  For instance, Heather helped us apply for a mortgage in Florida from a bank in New York.  The bank required tax returns and bank records which she was able to easily assemble and was able to deal directly with the lender on details about the home that we had purchased.  If ever we have a question about any bill or document that she stores for us, no matter how small, she and her team are available to discuss anything from a telephone bill to a complicated tax issue.  Heather and her team are completely honest and totally discrete and it is a pleasure to work with them.”




 “Heather Ashton has been an indispensable business partner to KCIC for over 10 years.  I was originally referred to her to prepare my personal tax return by my investment advisors.  Over the years, her role has steadily increased to include corporate taxes, financial and management accounting.  Over the years we have been through and survived and IRS audit, various disputes with the taxing authorities, and a major change in accounting software.  There are four main reasons why I use Heather and her firm.  First, I completely trust them with my most personal information.  Second, they are 100% reliable.  Third, she is not just an expert accountant, but is also able to think strategically.  And finally, she is a warm and genuine human being who is my privilege to know.”


Jonathan Terrell, President